Myriawatt Alliance | Witness! Delivery of the first batch of myriawatt laser cutters in 2021

This week, the delivery ceremony of Oree Laser PG6025 12000W laser cutting machine was successfully concluded in Jining City, Shandong Province, China. This is the first batch of myriawatt laser cutting machines to be delivered in 2021, and the Oree myriawatt alliance once again welcomes a new member-Jining Zoucheng Changshun Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.



Industry Trends——Oree Laser, myriawatt Laser

China will join the ranks of global manufacturing powers in 2025. In the development of high-tech industrial technology, it will inevitably need the support of a series of intelligent high-tech equipment. Laser equipment is one of the more important representatives.

Since the first myriawatt continuous fiber laser was launched in Wuhan’s Optics Valley in 2013, China has become the second country in the world to master this technology after the United States. The myriawatt laser is gradually industrialized, and it also promotes the rapid development of ultra-high-power fiber laser cutting in China’s manufacturing industry. Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in aerospace,shipbuilding, automotive,and energy equipment manufacturing industries.

At the beginning of 2019, the first myriawatt laser cutting machine was completed in the factory of Oree. In November of the same year, the first myriawatt laser cutting machine of Oree was successfully signed and delivered, laying the foundation for ultra-thick plate laser application cutting technology; successively launched in 2020 12000W, 15000W, 20000W, 30000W laser cutting machine, and successfully signed several sets of 12000W, 15000W, 20000W laser cutting machines with overseas customers.



The term “Made in China” is being recognized worldwide. China’s myriawatt laser cutting technology is increasingly perfected and widely used, which is changing the global laser landscape, and “China’s intelligent manufacturing” has gone to the world!


Market demand-laser equipment makes a big difference

As one of the most important processes of laser processing, laser cutting technology has long been recognized by many industries and enterprises for its advantages. The huge commercial value it creates has attracted more and more people to join the field of laser cutting.

The buyer said: “Our previous processing methods were flame cutting, plasma, or shearing machines, but with the increase in market demand, the finished products processed by traditional methods can no longer meet customer requirements for workpiece accuracy and processing cycle. After careful consideration, I decided to buy a 12000W high-power laser cutting machine. Facts have proved that my decision is correct and Oree Laser is very trustworthy”

With its advantages of high power, large format, high-speed cutting, ultra-thick plate cutting, bright surface cutting, and high incision perpendicularity, the myriawatt laser cutting machine brings a wider business scope to the end-users. In terms of thick plate cutting, 12000W cutting speed is faster, more efficient, better effect, lower processing cost, and at the same time increase the income of generation processing.


Market demand is the driving force for technological innovation. Correctly grasp the market demand, technological innovation can inject new vitality into the enterprise, and even change the destiny of an enterprise.


Technological innovation——Choose Oree laser


Oree Laser has more than 1,000 outstanding employees, including more than 120 professional technical research and development teams such as software engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and industrial designers. The company relies on strict European standard quality system inspection procedures and professional equipment assembly technology advantages. The equipment processing products have higher precision, smoother cuts, faster speed and greater production capacity.


Oree Laser adheres to customer demand as the guide, technological innovation as the means, and constantly introduces new products suitable for user needs, and provides customers with “accurate, fast and economical” problem solutions. Under the complex market situation, it is flexible , Accurate and efficient way to help customers reduce costs and increase productivity.


Changshun Industry and Trade Co., Ltd is in the vanguard

Changshun Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. During the period, it has been engaged in the processing of carbon steel and stainless steel parts. It is a relatively large enterprise in the processing industry of Jining City. The Oree® 12000W laser cutting machine purchased this time has been commissioned at the end of 2020, After that, it has been running continuously for more than 70 days, the operation is very stable, and the cutting effect is very good.

Mr. Chen said: “The times are advancing, society is developing, and market demands are changing. If we don’t change, we can only be eliminated. We must be brave to innovate and face challenges. Purchasing the Oree® 12000W cutting machine is just the beginning. In the future, we will continue to cooperate with Oree Laser to achieve mutual benefit and achieve a win-win situation!”

In the future, Oree Laser will continue to base itself on the global market, deeply explore core competitiveness, continue to pursue technological innovation, optimize products and services, meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers and industries, and build a world-class brand with world-class services!