In the 21st century,China’s stainless steel industry is growing at a high speed. From the analysis of stainless steel application industry, automobile industry is the fastest growing stainless steel application field at present. Chinese home appliance industry is a potential market for stainless steel applications. In addition, stainless steel in the construction industry, environmental protection industry, industry facilities demand is also rising year by year. 

With the diversification of market demand, stainless steel processing tends to be diversified, and it is more and more difficult, and the requirements for stainless steel processing equipment are getting higher and higher. In order to meet market development requirements and follow the rapid development of laser processing equipment RBOR-H(12000w) high power laser cutting machine once again shows the 40mm super thick stainless steel cutting process.


▲Oree H series laser cutting machine


▲Super thick stainless steel cutting sample display

The sample is separated from the parent material and has clean surface section and no obvious slag hanging at the bottom.


▲Application field of super thick stainless steel

Super-thick stainless steel is mainly used as the skeleton supporting the building body, such as curtain wall skeleton, roof support, bridge skeleton, etc. It can also be used in Marine installations to reduce the rust corrosion speed.